Cladding systems composite, single or double skin – We install a number of cladding systems including; Asbestos over cladding; Asbestos roof sheeting removal; single skin roofing systems; double skin roofing systems; composite panel roof systems; micro-rib wall cladding.​

Over-Cladding – Over time buildings can deteriorate and often require extensive renovation. Over cladding is a very successful method for restoring and enhancing ageing industrial or commercial buildings. An alternative to replacing the whole roof, over cladding applies a ‘second skin’ to an existing roof using metal sheets or cladding.  This system offers a cost-effective way of waterproofing buildings or covering external damage, ensuring the building remains water tight.

Gutter systems – cleaning, renewals and repairs – B&M offer a comprehensive gutter system service based on our clients requirements.

Gutter lining – B&M are approved installers of Sharmin’s Plygeneâ Gutterline system. This bespoke system creates a ‘gutter within a gutter’, is extremely hard wearing and comes with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.

Roof light/sky light replacement – We offer an industrial roof light replacement service. Over time roof lights may start leaking, show signs of discoloration, or crack and possibly split as materials weaken. Maintenance of roof lights is an effective way of maximising daylight and reducing energy costs.​

General roof repairs – B&M Roofing & Cladding will conduct a roof survey, identify problem areas and offer a cost effective solution.

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